We have only one charge: our Convenience Fee which is per ticket and paid by the ticket purchaser (you can choose to embed it in your ticket price). In addition, ALL monies go directly to you or your Stripe account (NO waiting to get paid), you just pass along the Convenience Fees to us!

Included in our services is the creation of your exclusive reservation site hosted on our servers as well as an online seating chart custom made by us from the chart you provide. If you decide to use our E-Tickets we can also set up an area on them to display ads/coupons you can sell to make additional revenue. We monitor your opening to make sure all goes smoothly. In addition, we have an automated help desk to answer questions from your families, and personally answer any emailed questions the help desk does not satisfy. We will forward any emails to you that may require your own studio info. If you have any questions you can submit our "Pre-Purchase Questions" form (click More Info top right).

Steps to Start

1. Click the "To Get Started" link on the drop down menu under More Info top right and fill out the appropriate form.

2. Choose the down payment for the service you would like and make that payment.
You are paying in advance our minimum of 600 ticket convenience fees.
Your payment to us is only due to the fact that ALL MONIES GO DIRECTLY TO YOU including our portion of the Convenience Fees.
The balance of convenience fees (if any) on tickets sold over 600 are not due till online sales close.

3. Provide us with your seating chart in pdf or jpeg format (all seats and rows must be readable).

4. We will create your site and seating chart and put it online for your approval.

5. You request any special codes etc. you would like (discount, pre-sale, ticket max limits, etc.).

6. You look the site over and let us know of any text additions or changes you would like (we will be happy to help with advice along the way).

7. You can test the site by registering, buying tickets, using codes, etc. to make sure all works as you want it to.

8. Once you are happy with everything, fill out our approval form. We will delete all your test purchases etc. and get it ready to open.

9. Your online ticket sales open on the date and time set and continue till the closing date and time you requested.

10. Upon the close of sales we send you a final sales report along with an invoice for total sales and a payment link if a balance is due.

During the term of your online ticket sales, you can get Sales and Seats Remaining reports as often as you like by logging in to your Control Panel.
Your CP will also give you a view of sales as they occur as well as listing the seats purchased on each order.